APAVE JAPAN can check quality by witness inspection for equipment manufactured at shop in accordance with design documents such as drawings, applied standard/code, etc..

APAVE JAPAN can check at any stage of production by client’s request, such as intermediate inspection at each production step, completion inspection at completion of production, pre-shipment inspection for delivery including packing.

Inspection items are generally as follows, and any inspection by client’s request is available.

  • Material inspection,
  • Visual inspection,
  • Dimensional inspection,
  • Non-destructive examination,
  • Mechanical running test,
  • Welder Qualification test,
  • Welding Procedure Qualification test,
  • Welding inspection,
  • Pressure test, leakage test, Function test, Performance test,
  • Electricity/instrument inspection,
  • Painting inspection, Packing inspection