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The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is intended formanufacturers of machines and safety components, andorganisations placing machines and safety components on themarket. It defines tasks for meeting the health and safetyrequirements for new machines, with the intention of removingtrade barriers within Europe and guaranteeing users andoperators a high level of safety and health protection.It is applicable to the production of machinery as well as tosafety components placed on the market individually, and isalso applicable to second-hand machinery and devices fromother countries that are to be placed on the market in the EU forthe first time (e.g. from the USA or Japan).

In 1989 the Council of the European Union published thedirective on the approximation of the laws of the memberstates relating to machinery, which became known as theMachinery Directive (89/392/EEC).This directive had to be implemented in all member states ofthe EC by 1995.

In 1998 various amendments were combined andconsolidated into the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

In 2006 a “New Machinery Directive” (2006/42/EC) waspublished that replaces the previous version and that ismandatory in all member states of the EC since 29.12.2009.

From 29.12.2009 on, only the “New Machinery Directive” (2006/42/EC) is to be applied!

What are the obligations of manufacturer of Machinery?

  • Safe design of machinery:The manufacturers have the obligation to build their machinerysuch that the essential health and safety requirements in theMachinery Directive are met. The manufacturers shall take intoaccount the integration of safety during the design process. Inpractice, this means that the designer shall make a riskassessment as early as the machine’s development phase. Theresulting measures can flow directly into the design.
  • Preparation of operating instructions: The machine manufacturer shall prepare operating instructions,the so-called “original operating instructions”.
  • Preparation of technical documentation: The machine manufacturer shall prepare technical documentationaccording to Annex VII of the Machinery Directive.This technical documentation …
  • Issuing the declaration of conformity: If the machine manufacturer has built the machineappropriately, he shall confirm, in a legally binding manner,conformity with these requirements by issuing a declaration ofconformity and marking the machine (CEmarking). It is thenpermitted to place the machine on the market in the EuropeanUnion.
  • Marking of the machine as CE-compliant: Once all the requirements have been met, the CE-marking shallbe applied to the machine

What does Apave Japan can help you?

Having local engineers well trained in CE Machinery Directive, with the strong connection with Apave in France – Notified Body of European Community, Apave Japan can assist to you from the first stage of design to the installation of machinery at working place in conformity with the requirements of CE Machinery Directive. Several missions could be listed for reference as below:

  • Review technical documents of clients
  • Perform a risk assessment on equipment and its environments in accordance with the Directive requirements (From design to installation of equipment)
  • Provide technical solution for non-conformity issues
  • Final visit (at installation site) & intermediate visit (manufacture site) to check the conformity
  • Issue examination report of conformity to client

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Flyers (French version) of some major missions relating to CE-Marking for Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC :