Rial time digital radiography testing (RTDRT)

Digital radiography (DR) captures transmitted photographs as digital information, unlike conventional radiography tests using film. Since the development of the film is unnecessary, real time transparent images can be confirmed on the field. It is very effective in shutdown maintenance of the construction site and plant where the period is limited. APAVE can also perform real-time digital radiography testing to places where rope access is required.

In the field of medical, AI can establish a technology for early detection of “cancer” using AI and digital processing. Plus, AI can find a small “cancer” which even a veteran doctor could not find. In the future, it is expected to be applied to the discovery technology of “defects” of structures using AI (it is expected that the oversight of cracks and weld defects will be reduced, and the review speed of transmitted photos will be significantly improved).

Sample video

APAVE conducts non-destructive inspector of real-time digital radiography (RTDR) to all over the world and also trains digital radiography to non-destructive operators.

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